Deploy your SaaS on Vercel.

You can deploy your SaaS on Vercel with a few clicks.


Create a new project

Go to Vercel and click on New Project.

Import your code

Select Import Git Repository and click on Continue.

Configure your project

Select your repository and click on Continue.

Add environment variables

Copy the environment variables from your .env file and add paste to your Vercel project.

Deploy your project

Click on Deploy and wait for the deployment to finish.

Once the deployment is finished, you can access your SaaS on the URL provided by Vercel.

Next steps

Add a custom domain

  • Go to your Vercel project and click on Settings.

  • Under Domains, add your custom domain and click on Add.

  • Add the DNS records to your domain provider and wait for the DNS to propagate.

Once the DNS has propagated, you can access your SaaS on your custom domain.