Setting up Email for your SaaS

SaaSKits is integrated with Resend to send transactional emails.

SaaSKits uses React Email to create beautiful email templates.

Follow the steps below to setup email for your SaaS.

Create a Resend account

Go to Resend and click on Get Started.

Follow the steps to create and verify your account.

Add your domain to Resend

Go to Resend Domains and click on Add Domain.

Enter your domain name and click on Add Domain.

Verify your domain

You will see a list of DNS records you need to add to your domain.

Go to your domain registrar and add the DNS records.

Once you have added the records, click on Verify DNS records.

It may take a few minutes for the DNS records to propagate.

Create a Resend API Key

Go to Resend API Keys and click on Create API Key.

Give your API Key a name and click on Create. Make sure to copy your API Key as it will not be shown again.

Add your Resend API Key to SaaSKits

Copy your Resend API Key and add it to your .env file.


Add From Email

Add your From Email to your .env file.

FROM_EMAIL= "Your Name <[email protected]>"

Now, you can send emails from your SaaS. We are almost done with our setup.