Setting up payments using Stripe

SaaSKits uses Stripe to process payments. You can use Stripe to accept credit card payments and Apple Pay.

SaaSKits uses Stripe's subscription, billing portal, and checkout features. You can read more about these features on Stripe's website.

To setup Stripe and start accepting payments, you need to setup a Stripe account.

For this guide, we will assume use Stripe in test mode. You can switch to live mode when you are ready to accept real payments.

Create a Stripe account

Go to Stripe and create an account.

Get your Stripe API keys

Once you have created your Stripe account, you need to get your API keys.

Go to the Stripe dashboard and click on Developers in the left sidebar.

Click on API keys.

You will see your Publishable key and Secret key. You will need these keys to connect your Stripe account to SaaSKits.

Add your Stripe API keys to environment variables

You need to add your Stripe API keys to your environment variables.


This is the first part of setting up Stripe.

Next, we will need to install the Stripe CLI and connect it to your Stripe account.

Install the Stripe CLI

You need to install the Stripe CLI to test your Stripe integration locally.

Please go to the Stripe CLI installation guide and follow the instructions to install the Stripe CLI.

Connect the Stripe CLI to your Stripe account

You need to connect the Stripe CLI to your Stripe account.

stripe login

Create a webhook endpoint

You need to create a webhook endpoint to receive events from Stripe.

stripe listen --forward-to localhost:3000/api/webhook

Copy the webhook signing secret

You need to copy the webhook signing secret.

Once you have run the above command, you will see a webhook signing secret in your terminal.